Policies, Guidelines and Insurance

Netball Australia has appointed Howden Insurance as the broker for the National body and its Member Organisations. 

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Netball Tasmania Policies and Guides | Downloadable Files

Guide for clubs and associations

Fillable application form 

A guide for Decision Makers and Hearing Tribunals. To be used in conjunction with the Netball Australia Integrity Policy Framework, Conduct and Disciplinary Policy

Netball Australia Policies and Guides | Downloadable Files

Framework and guidelines

Position statements and attachments

Document consistent across Netball Australia, SSN, and all Member Organisations

Including appendices related to:
Child/Young Person Abuse Definitions
Responding to Risk of Abuse and Harm to Children & Young People
Child Safe Commitment Statement
Child Safe Practices
Recruitment and Screening
Child Related Position Assessment
Interview Requirements and Sample Questions
Reference Check Requirements and Sample Questions

Position Statement and Policy

Related Content:
Netball Australia Supplements Policy: https://netball.com.au/sites/default/files/2024-03/INT007%20Supplements%20Policy.pdf

Guide for Community Netball

Guidelines for uniforms that are inclusive and diverse

Guidelines for community netball

Netball Australia Integrity, Conduct & Disciplinary Policy (NIF) Forms