The Tasmanian Netball Hall of Fame was established in 2018. The intention of the Hall of Fame is to recognise individuals or teams who have made outstanding contributions to Netball in Tasmania, and/or demonstrated outstanding performance in their chosen discipline. 


The Netball Tasmania Hall of Fame recognises excellence in four different categories: Athlete, Official, Volunteer and Team

Nomination Process 

Nominations for the Tasmanian Netball Hall of Fame may be submitted by any individual at any time. Netball Tasmania will, on an annual basis, call for nominations via Social Media, current Member Associations and State League licensed clubs. 

Nominations for Hall of Fame Induction in any given year must be submitted by completing the form below, no later than the end of May for consideration in that years intake. Any nomination which does not result in induction to the Hall of Fame will be retained and considered in the following two years. Once a nomination has been considered for three consecutive years, including the year of nomination, it will be removed from current consideration. This does not preclude that nominee being nominated again at a later stage. 

Categories & Guidelines 

Netball Tasmania has purposely provided broad guidelines rather than set criteria for nominations in any category. This is to ensure that all nominations are considered reasonably, and that a broad range of circumstances may be taken into account. 


Nominations under the category of Athlete are aimed at recognising athletes who have demonstrated outstanding achievement. Such achievements might include one or a combination of (but not be limited to);

  • Competing in the National League Competition (or higher);
  • Genuine talent identified and selection/inclusion in an Australian team, squad or camp;
  • Most Valuable Player (MVP) winners in the Tasmanian Netball League;
  • Record holders in the Tasmanian Netball League in categories such as games played or goals scored.


Nominations under the category of Official are aimed at recognising Coaches, Umpires, Managers and Bench Officials who have demonstrated outstanding achievement. Such achievements might include one or a combination of;

  • Achievement of the highest level of accreditation in their field;
  • Participation in the National League Competition (or higher) in their chosen field;
  • Tenure of participation in High Performance programs and teams;
  • Formal recognition or an award recipient within their field.


Nominations under the category of Volunteer are aimed at volunteers engaged at any level around the state who have demonstrated outstanding service to, or achievement in, the areas in which they are engaged.


Nominations under the category of Team are aimed at Teams who have demonstrated outstanding achievement. Such achievements might include;

  • Multiple/consecutive premierships in a high performance competition within the state;
  • State teams achieving best ever results;
  • Teams that hold significant historical relevance for Netball in Tasmania for whatever reason.


Nominations in any of the given categories will be considered eligible on the basis that; 

  • The nominee was born in Tasmania, resided in Tasmania for an significant period, or the nature of their nomination was demonstrated in Tasmania or in a Tasmanian team; 
  • The nominee has demonstrated outstanding service, performance or contribution to the sport of Netball; and 
  • The nominee will have demonstrated good character and integrity. 

Nominations will be accepted for both active, non-active and deceased parties. 

Hall of Fame Selection Panel 

A Hall of Fame selection panel will be appointed to assess nominations and recommend nominees for induction into the Hall of Fame. These recommendations will be provided to the Tasmanian Netball Association Board for final approval. 

  • The Hall of Fame selection panel will be made up of six individuals, consisting of; 
  • Chair of TNA Inc Board and CEO of Netball Tasmania (ex-officio) 
  • One Board member of TNA Inc. as identified by the Board; and 
  • Three positions open for nomination within the Tasmanian Netball community. 

Each member of the Selection panel shall cast a single vote when assessing which eligible nominees are inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

Hall of Fame Induction and Recognition 

All eligible nominees selected for induction into the Tasmanian Netball Hall of Fame in a given year will be invited to the Netball Tasmania annual awards dinners in that year, where they will be recognised and inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

Hall of Fame inductees will receive an award acknowledging their induction and be recognised through dedicated and permanent listing in the Netball Tasmania Annual Report and the Netball Tasmania Website in a dedicated Hall of Fame page. 

Any nominations not considered by the committee to meet eligibility criteria will be advised in writing to the person who made the nomination. 

Receipt of nomination will be acknowledged via return email.