EDS GREEN – (formerly EDS 3)

Athletes included in the EDS GREEN program will be those selected in the 2020 15U State Team including Training Partners as well as athletes that have been identified through the State Team Process within the 14 to 15 year old age bracket (2005 & 2006). 

Due to COVID-19 we were unable to hold the 15U State Team Trials, so in consultation with all the Associations we have selected a squad based on intel obtained throughout 2019. Further athletes will be added to the program after holding Identification Trials on Sunday 9th August in the South and Saturday 15th August in the North where Associations have nominated athletes to attend.


SOUTH - Andrew Jackson & Marsha Batchelor


NORTH WEST - Helen Payne

This program will have the following:

  • Generic Home Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Scheduled Fitness Testing conducted by Netball Tasmania
  • Weekly structured Court Sessions with accredited coaches,

The Court Sessions will include the following:

  • State Team Development
  • Work Rate Establishment
  • Core Skill Development

This program will run from Sunday 2nd August 2020 to end of November 2020. Athletes can be added or removed from this program throughout the year based on performances as assessed by coaches and selectors


Abbey Geappen	STNA
Abbey Glover	        KNA
Abbie Jones	        KNA
Ava Gleeson	        NTNA
Ava Lockwood	NTNA
Bella Zielinski	        STNA
Bellah Parker	        KNA
Caitlyn Turner	        STNA
Charlotte Doyle	KNA
Charlotte Walker	BNA
Darshini Barnes	ST HELENS
Ebony Rainbow	NENA
Ella McArthur	        NTNA
Ellie Marshall	        NTNA
Jess Weeding	        STNA
Jordyn Banks	        STNA
Katherine De Paoli	NTNA
Kendylle Byers	STNA
Layne Dixon	        BNA
Lilly O'Neill	        DEVON
Lily Carpetener	STNA
Lily Case	                NTNA
Mackenzie Banks	STNA
Mackenzie Ford	STNA
Mackenzie Williams STNA
Maddy Dove	        DEVON
Madison Lamb          STNA
Matilda Allen	        NTNA
Maya Armstrong	STNA
Rohini Sharma          KNA
Rubi Healey	        NTNA
Sophie Blackberry	NTNA
Sophie Cassidy         KNA
Tamea Raeina	        DEVON
Tiarna Shepherd	DEVON
Tyrah Bacon	        BNA
Yvette Ambrose	KNA
Zoe Hyland	        BNA