Contact Tracing Direction

As of December 15th, the list of venues for whom it is mandatory to collect visitor information (anyone attending for greater than 15 mins) was expanded to include sporting venues. This is for the purposes of rapid contact tracing in relation to Covid-19.

This responsibility falls on the venue owner/operator, so for those who are Associations who simply hire other venues – the onus is on the venue. For those who operate and use their own venues however (of which there are many), you will now be required to adhere to this Direction.

A copy of the direction is accessible through the link below, however a summary of information requiring contact details collection is also provided.

Contact Tracing Direction - No. 2.


Required Details

  • Name of each person entering the premises;
  • Contact phone number for the person;
  • Date and time the person entered the premises.

Applicable to

  • Each person who enters the premises and remains in the premises for more than 15 minutes;
  • Each time upon which an individual enters those premises.


  • One set of contact information for a group may be obtained whereby the document/process identifies that the individual must accept responsibility for being the contact person for each other person within that group upon each instance whereby the group enters the premises.

Refusal of Entry

  • The location owner/operator must refuse entry to any persons who refuse to provide contact information.

Information Collection

Contact detail collections is required for the purposes of;

  • the management, detection, notification, treatment or prevention of the spread of the disease;
  • managing a threat to public health, or a likely threat to public health, as a result of the disease; or
  • ensuring compliance with, and enforcing, this Act.

Information must be retained for 28 days (from the day of record), and must not be used or disclosed other than authorised under the Act (provision to the Director of Public Health, or an applicable delegate, where requested for the purposes of contact tracing).

Free App Access

The Tasmanian Government is encouraging venue owner/operators to register for a new Tasmanian Government app system to assist recording of patron contact details. Organisations can register for the Check in Tas app via the online form.

Further information about the app can be found here:


If anyone requires any support in relation to adhering to this Direction from Public Health, please do not hesitate to contact Netball Tasmania CEO, Aaron Pidgeon via email at