Program Aim 

This program aims to create a cohesive tiered program that can be clearly communicated to all stakeholders involved in Netball in Tasmania. 

Players will be identified by a panel of selectors who will be appointed by Netball Tasmania.  Players will be invited to participate in the tier appropriate to their level of development. 

Service delivery components will be specified at each level of the program, with a graduated level of service delivery, however critical at all levels will be a challenging court training environment where appropriate high quality training and guidance will be provided.  

Program Purpose 

The Program is designed to provide a graduated experience to help build junior athlete aspirations for elite Netball opportunities and to assist the athletes to make the transition through a more structured talent development program which is crucially linked to a high performance SSN program. 

The participation of junior potential athletes will also contribute to ‘critical mass’ and wider training activities and drive forward numbers progressing through into the higher tiers of the program. 

Importantly each of the Tiers of the EDS programs will have difference in service delivery and training expectations.  

Selection of Athletes 

Selection for these programs will be done by panels which will be formed by the Netball Tasmania High Performance Manager. 

Players will be viewed by the Netball Tasmanian selection panel at a variety of competitions and events, including State League, National Championships, and Association competitions.  Players will be offered a 12 month placement in the EDS Tier 1 and Tier 2 programs, whilst the Tier 3 is a six month program.  Letters of offer will be sent to players at times which are appropriate to the Tier structure. 

The newly developed structure is being implemented with the support of both Netball Australia and the Tasmanian Institute of Sport. 

For more information on the selection process please click here.