New High Performance Pathway Program

Netball Tasmania has recently restructured their High Performance Pathway Program.

The new program, known as the Elite Development Squad (EDS), will operate under a three tier setup and is designed to provide a graduated experience to help build junior athlete aspirations for elite Netball opportunities and to assist the athletes to make the transition through a more structured talent development program which is crucially linked to a high performance SSN program.

Netball has previously been a Tasmanian Institute of Sport (TIS) scholarship holding sport, with a restriction on the number athletes being involved in the top level of the performance pathway program. With the new revised program, the relationship between Netball Tasmania and the TIS allows a greater number of identified athletes to access a range of TIS services.

Outgoing High Performance Coach Joanne Macdermid has been doing some great work with our Tasmanian Netballers over the past 12 months and has been the main driver behind the restructure and believes this is the best way forward for the future of Tasmanian netball.

We had a chat with Jo about her time working with Netball Tasmania and the future of the EDS program.

How did you see Netball in Tasmania and the Netball Tasmania Performance Pathway Program when you came into the role?

Julie Hoornweg had done a lot of good work to set things up for me to step into.  There was a strong relationship with the TIS and many identified athletes were working hard to develop their skills.  The initiative of the Potential Athlete Program (PAP) had been established to look at beginning to grow the base of netball players across the state.  But there was some confusion amongst the player base as to how each stream of the program worked and where the connections between each part of the program existed for the players to progress. The components were all in place but the clarity around the components was not cutting through to the players.  

How have you seen the development of Netball in Tasmania during your time?

During my time at Netball Tasmania, I have tried to strengthen the relationships that were already in place – critically the relationship between Netball Tasmania and the TIS.  Reviewing the programs and refocusing the delivery of services to our athletes across a much broader spectrum has been a key focus for me in the time I’ve been here. Also getting out not only amongst the senior players but even more time spent amongst our younger, developing players who will be our future.

You have just launched a new High Performance Program, tell us a bit about it?

The Elite Development Squad has come about due to the desire to be able to provide more services to a wider range of players and also have a clear pathway for our players to progress through.  For netballers in Tasmania, they will hopefully now be in no doubt how to be selected into each level of the EDS program and what is expected of them in each step. Critically, the majority players will be not only exposed to elite coaching but also have access to Strength and conditioning services via the TIS.  

How do you see the future of Netball in Tasmania?

I believe the future of Netball in Tasmania is in good hands.  The changes being driven from within Netball Tasmania and the support for the new innovations by personnel across the state can only result in bigger and better things, from events to performances and growth of netball as a whole.

If you could leave some words of wisdom for our aspiring Netballers, what would it be?

Challenge yourself and those around you to be better.  If our young players are able to work hard at their craft both on and off the court and make those around them accountable to do the same, then great leaps forward in our players should happen. The talent base is here, they just need to focus on the process and nail this, and then the results will take care of themselves.

More information regarding the new EDS program can be found HERE

Netball Tasmania are currently seeking applications for a High Performance Manager and EDS Tier coaches to manage and work within the revised program.
More information regarding these positions can be found on the careers page of the website and applications close Wednesday March 7 2018.