2018 Annual General Meeting

Notice of the 2018 Annual General Meeting

Tasmanian Netball Association inc.

Saturday 5 May 2018

4:30pm via Teleconference


In accordance with the Tasmanian Netball Association Inc. Constitution, each Member Association may appoint one person to participate in the Annual General Meeting as a Delegate. Only duly appointed Delegates have the right to speak and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The name of the appointed Delegate from each Member Association shall be provided to Netball Tasmania’s Returning Officer, Aaron Pidgeon, no later than 28 April 2018. Advice should be sent to aaron.pidgeon@tasnetball.org.au with the title AGM Delegate in the subject line.

The 2018 AGM will be conducted via teleconference to avoid cost and travel requirements, and in order to make it easier for all Member Associations to participate. Netball Tasmania will provide dial in details to Member Associations in the week prior to the AGM.

Observers from Member Associations are welcome to participate in the meeting but may not vote, and may only speak with the agreement of the Chair of the AGM.

Netball Tasmania welcomes Life Members to participate in the meeting, but like Observers may not vote and may only speak with the agreement of the Chair.

In accordance with clause 13.6 of the Constitution, a Member may appoint a Proxy to vote at the AGM and such Proxy must be a Member of the Association. A copy of the Proxy Voting Nomination form has been provided for use where applicable.

Nomination for Elected Board Members – click here
Proxy Voting Nomination Form – click here