Former Netball Tasmania High Performance Coach Julie Hoornweg returns to the state.


Former Netball Tasmania High Performance Coach Julie Hoornweg will return to the state next week, however this time she will be on the opposite bench as the head coach of the Welsh Netball team during the Tasmanian Netball Invitational Series (TNIS).

Julie was with Netball Tasmania for approximately two years, starting in July 2014. Since finishing at Netball Tasmania, Julie has been in New Zealand working with the Northern Stars in the ANZ Premiership competition, as well as doing some consulting work for Singapore Netball.

Julie was announced as interim head coach of the Welsh side only a month ago and the trip to Tasmania for the TNIS will be the first major team preparations since the Commonwealth Games Squad was announced.

When asked about the opportunity to go to the Commonwealth Games, Julie said to represent your country is an amazing experience.

‘To be selected as one of the best athletes to play in your national uniform is something that will stay with you forever. Once a national player always a national player. To be invited in to represent a country not of your birth is truly inspiring. For the national body to give me the honour of being a part of this team is an experience I will treasure.’

However, Hoornweg confessed she is struggling to get a handle on singing the Welsh National Anthem.

The Welsh Netball Team is also no stranger to the Apple Isle, with the team having travelled to the state back in 2015 for preparations of the Netball World Cup.

Julie sees events like this highly important to the state.

‘Tasmania has limited opportunities for regular access to high performance netball . There is much talent in the state and the opportunity to watch live and in some cases play elite level netball will prove invaluable, particularly to the next generation of players’ she said.

Tasmanian netball fans to need to show their support for this event to ensure events and international and SSN teams can return to the state in the future.


Tuesday 27 March

4:45pm – NetSetGo mini-series curtain raiser

7:45pm – Wales v Northern Ireland

Silverdome – TICKETS


Thursday 29 March

6:30pm – Tasmanian Magpies v Wales

8:15pm – Collingwood Magpies v Northern Ireland

Silverdome – TICKETS


Saturday 31 March

11:00am – Tasmanian Magpies v Northern Ireland

1:00pm – Collingwood Magpies v Wales

Derwent Entertainment Centre – TICKETS