Tier 3 of the program aims is to provide emerging athletes with the opportunity to work regionally on a weekly basis for a six month period along with as a group for several one-day training camps . This will be coupled with their club training and generalized home conditioning programs.

Each athlete’s club coach will be invited to attend one or more camps and will be provided with feedback on their athlete’s progress as well as focus areas for the coming weeks.

Tier 3 is a 6 month program and athletes will be identified throughout Netball Tasmania competition environments, including events such as the DADA environment.

Congratulations to those athletes who are part of the current EDS squads:

Tahlia Atkinson (STNA)
Jordyn Banks (STNA)
Mackenzie Banks (STNA)
Katelyn Butler (STNA)
Chanelle Byers (STNA)
Kendylle Byers (STNA)
Sophie Cassidy (KNA)
Charlotte Doyle (KNA)
Anita Eberstein (STNA)
Mackenie Ford (STNA)
Abbey Glover (KNA)
Abbie Jones (KNA)
Amelia McMahon (STNA)
Bellah Parker (STNA)
Sophie Pidgeon (STNA)
Georgia Pyke (STNA)
Lily Ransley (STNA)
Olivia Read (STNA)
Jessica Scott (STNA)
Alexia Smith (STNA)
Chelsea Thomas (STNA)
Ashlea Turner (STNA)
Grace White (STNA)

Matilda Allen (NTNA)
Tyrah Bacon (BNA)
Jemma Blair (NTNA)
Jessi Boyd (NTNA)
Gemma Collyer (DNA)
Hannah Crawford (NTNA)
Madison Dove (DNA)
Felicity Elmer (DNA)
Grace Gillow (NTNA)
Ava Gleeson (NTNA)
Macy Goninon (BNA)
Rubi Healey (NTNA)
Esther Kidmas (NTNA)
Matilda Lenthall (NTNA)
Ava Lockwood (SHNA)
Charlotte Lockwood (SHNA)
Sydney Mance (NTNA)
Ellie Marshall (NTNA)
Olive Morris (NTNA)
Eloise Piper (DNA)
Ebony Rainbow (NENA)
Annabelle Sanders (NTNA)
Makenzie Tyrrell (DNA)
Sally Underhill (NTNA)
Lana Viney (BNA)