Umpiring Accreditation

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Section 1 Umpires Exam


The Online Section 1 Exam is the first step in the pathway to becoming an Umpire. The Section 1 exam covers the basic principles and rules that an umpire must know. Also a pre-requisite for becoming a Score bench official, the Section 1 exam can also be accessed by players and coaches.

A pass on this exam is 70% which allows an umpire to go for their C Badge. 80% or higher allows the umpire to go for their B Badge and 90% and higher allows an Umpire to go for their A Badge once all other pre-requisites have been completed.

Cost: Free

Duration: 1 – 2 hours


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Level 1 Umpires Course Accreditation

The Level 1 Umpire education course provides an introduction to the basic principles, techniques and knowledge required by a netball umpire. It is a pre-requisite to becoming a nationally accredited umpire.

In December 2014 the Level 1 course was introduced online and is accessible through MyNetball.

The Online Level 1 course comprises of five modules; A Good Umpire, Getting Started, Umpiring Techniques, The Rules in Action and Where to Now. Each module requires a 100% completion mark before the Certificate can be downloaded.

Cost: $25.00 online, $38.00 face-to-face

Duration: 1- 3 hours however there is no time limit or restraints with participants able to complete it in their own time, any time.


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Level 2 Umpires Course Accreditation

The Level 2 Umpire Education Course has been designed to further develop umpiring skills, techniques, and increase understanding of the procedures and protocols of a higher level of umpiring, and generally extend your parameters as an officiator of netball.

The Level 2 course is a more complicated course than the Level 1 course or the Section 1 exam and is one of the pre-requisites for an A Badge accreditation.

Cost: $77.00

Duration: 8 hours approx.


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Rules in Action Course

This course is a look at the Rules in Action. It begins prior to the game with the pre-match protocols required of an umpire and ends with post match walk from the playing arena. It consists of an imaginary game presented with as many visual stimuli as is possible/necessary to capture the mood of a game, the contest between teams, the tactics which may be encountered, and the interaction between the players, their team officials and the umpires. This imaginary game begins with a centre pass and from there moves through all of the probable happenings in a normal game from that simple beginning to the end of the fourth quarter. It is a journey through ALL of the Rules but in the context of a game and how they should be relative, not only to the written version but to their reference of the movement of players and the ball for the duration of the game and in the confines of the court and its surrounds.

This course is one of the pre-requisites for an A Badge.

Cost: $35.00

Duration: 8 hours


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Section 2 Umpire Exam

Harder than the Section 1 exam, the Section 2 exam is a pre-requisite for the AA Badge. The Pass mark for the Section II Theory Examination is 90% but a current Section II Theory Examination Pass negates the need for a Section I Examination Pass. The Section II Theory Examination marks are valid for 6 years.

Member Organisations forward a list of candidates and the nominated exam convenor to Netball Australia on the prescribed form no later than 4 weeks prior to the exam date. Netball Australia allocates each candidate with an exam number and this is supplied to each candidate via letter. Marking of the Section II Examination will be coordinated by Netball Australia through appointed Examination Markers. Candidates and relevant Member Organisations are advised, by Netball Australia, of the result following the completion of the marking.

Cost: $25.00

Duration: 2-3 hours


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Workshops that Netball Tasmania holds include;

  • Rules Discussion
  • Coaching Umpires
  • Assessing Umpires
  • Presenting to Umpires
  • Mentoring Umpires


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Pathway and Development opportunities

See the Umpire Development Framework (at top)


Community Umpire Toolkits

Netball Tasmania is making these toolkits open to all clubs, associations and umpire educators (umpire coaches, mentors and presenters). The toolkits are $85.00 each, inclusive of GST and Freight.

They are designed to teach umpires the basics in a fun and engaging manner for all ages but they can also be used to teach players, coaches and bench officials the basic rules of the game.

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Any further questions, please contact Netball Tasmania